Incredible Quality.

Unbeatable Prices.

Cannaco’s team of discerning buyers work tirelessely to source only the finest Colorado grown cannabis. Analyzing potency, terpene profiles, lab-testing and growing methods, our buyers source only the highest quality Colorado grown cannabis. Explore our 20+ rotating strains of flower and that strain you’ve heard about from your friends, but can not seem to find anywhere else.

Quality You Can Smell

Terpenes are one of the chemical compounds that give fruits, plants, spices and cannabis its distinctive aromas and effects. Our buyer’s specifically look at the terpene profiles of different cannabis strains to help select the flower that will give you a great experience.

When you walk into a forest in Colorado the smell of pine is overwhelming. Slightly sweet, spicy and earthy aromas regularly fills the air in our beautiful state forests. Did you know that these aromas are actually a blend of terpenes produced by coniferous trees? Click here to read our guide on terpenes and their effects.


Customers at Cannaco are our business. The Cannaco team will go the extra mile to ensure great value and knowledgeable advice for each of our customers. We strive to make sure that every customer that leaves our dispensary is fully satisfied and would recommend us to a friend.

So Many Options! How Will I Ever Choose?

When you visit Cannaco, our team of budtenders are here to help guide you through our large flower selection to find the perfect strain. Looking for a great Indica to help you sleep at night? How about a strain that really gets the creative juices flowing? Come visit our store to learn the answers to these questions!

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