Milk and Cookies (I/H)

Looking for Milk and Cookies (Indica Hybrid) Flower in Trinidad or Walsenburg, Colorado? Cannaco recreational dispensaries frequently stock Milk and Cookies Indica Hybrid Flower at both Trinidad and Walsenburg locations. Cannaco recreational dispensaries typically carry 25+ strains of flower. You will frequently find world famous strains on our bud shelf that include, Blue Dream, Green Crack, Golden Goat, Maui Wowie, Durban Poison, GMO, MAC and First Class Funk.

Milk and Cookies is a cross of Cookies n’ Cream and Triple OG. Typically you will find Milk and Cookies testing between 19%-24% THC. As an indica dominant hybrid, this strain brings about a strong body high coupled with light sativa cerebral effects. Milk and Cookies much like its name suggests is a great after dinner or before bed strain. You can find Milk and Cookies frequently in-stock at Cannco Trinidad and Walsenburg, but please be sure to check our online menus for current strain availability.

Be sure to checkout the online menus for Cannaco Trinidad and Cannaco Walsenburg for current strain availability. Feel free to call Cannaco Trinidad or Cannaco Walsenburg to check which strains are available.

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Milk and Cookies flower in Trinidad and Walsenburg Colorado.