O.Pen – Vendor Spotlight

Shortly after the passing of Amendment 63 in 2012 an assembly of artisan growers and trail blazing dispensary owners joined together to construct a product that could meet both an expanding demand for improved vaporizing apparatuses and superior quality oils. This collaboration resulted in O.pen.

Nearly a decade later O.pen has accomplished what it set out to do. Not only becoming a leading brand in the cannabis industry but O.pen provides an outstanding vaporizing pen like battery. Each pen comes with a lifetime warranty and now that O.pen has combined efforts with Organa Labs this allows both medical and recreational consumers an unvarying, cleaner, and safer selection of edibles and oils

Craft Reserve Cartridges

O.pen begins the extraction process with expertly grown cannabis flower that then has same strain terpenes reintroduced. Innovative terpene refinement methods allow for a fuller bodied and more appetizing experience. “Filled in industry-leading, all-ceramic C-Cell technology ensuring large, tasty hits.” With this one-of-a-kind method the distillate has a healthier and smoother flavored smoke. This then allows the user to experience more potent effects than just CO2 oil. CO2 oil may have a lower average price point than distillate and can carry a bigger, better range of cannabinoid profiles and developed aromas.

Fuel Biscuits (S) – 86.9% THC

With its balanced flavor profile between pungent diesel and freshly baked cookies Fuel Biscuits weighs in at 86.9% THC. Coming from trichome dense parent plants GSC x Gelato, Fuel Biscuits leans on the Sativa side making it a perfect fit for a productive day off. Recommended for experienced consumers.

Cookies (H) – 71.1% THC

Nearly even with a 60:40 indica leaning ratio. This high-ranking member of the House of Cookies is the fraternal twin sister to the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain. But due to the differing phenotype from its sister plant, Cookies belongs to both Kush and Cookie families. With a heavy aroma of rich spiced cherries and chai tea that tastes nutty and lemony upon exhalation. Said to provide a long-lasting couch locking body high accompanied by almost unsatisfiable munchies and waves of giggles. Pairs best with star gazing and movie nights

O.Pen Vape - Cookies - Pictured - Confucius Kush

PCK (I) – 88.5% THC

PCK stands for the abbreviation of Pakistani Chitral Kush, getting its name from its exact originating location. A small town situated on the Chitral River in northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Known to encourage some serious munchies, deep waves of cerebral zoning out, and finishes off with a heavy sleepy sensation from brain to tippy toes. PCK is a humidity resistant, highly resinous plant which results in the perfect flower selection for concentration purposes and is highly sought after by both induvial consumers and commercial companies alike. With its unique berry and chemically aftertaste that’s quickly followed up by an earthy red wine aroma. Recommended for evening usage or when some major “edge dulling” is needed.

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