Wana Gummies (Sativa)

Looking for Wana Gummies (Sativa) in Trinidad or Walsenburg, Colorado? Cannaco recreational dispensaries always have Wana Sativa Gummes in-stock at both Trinidad and Walsenburg locations. Cannaco carries both fast-acting Sativa Wana Gummies and regular Wana Sativa Gummies at both Trinidad and Walsenburg locations. Cannaco recreational dispensaries carry an extensive selection of edibles from the best vendors in Colorado including, Wana, Dixie, Tastebudz, Escape Artists, Love’s Oven, CannaPunch, CheebaChews, Incredibles and Mountain High Suckers.

Wana Sativa Gummies are available recreationally in 10 pieces x 10mg (100mg per container). Wana Sativa Gummies contain a blend of 30+ energizing terpenes to create a buzzy sativa high. Regular Wana Sativa Gummies are available in a Mango flavor and in an assorted flavors option that contains grape, raspberry, lemon, green apple and orange. Fast-acting Wana Sativa gummies are available in a Peach Bellini.

Be sure to checkout the online menus for Cannaco Trinidad and Cannaco Walsenburg for current product availability. Feel free to call Cannaco Trinidad or Cannaco Walsenburg to check the availability of a particular product or strain.

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Wana Gummies Indica in Trinidad and Walsenburg Colorado.
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