The Top 5 Dixie Products

Dixie Brands makes some incredible marijuana products that’s for sure. From potent tinctures to delicious edibles, Dixie Brands seems to have an incredible cannabis product for nearly everyone.

The Cannaco team absolutely love Dixie Brands, and even have choosen one of them as a featured staff pick product! It’s not easy to make the Cannaco staff picks, but once you try it, you will understand why it made the cut. If you like spoilers to the number one rated Dixie Brand product click here now, but we suggest you keep reading on!

Dixie THC Chocolate in Walsenburg and Trinidad

#5 – Dixie Elixir’s 100mg Rootbeer

Nothing quite beats the refreshing taste of an ice-cold Rootbeer. Dixie has put their own spin on Rootbeer by infusing this sweet treat with 100mg of high-quality THC. Dixie Rootbeer is consistently one of the most in-demand infused beverages at Cannaco Trinidad and Walsenburg.

Wherever you decide to go this summer in Colorado, spice it up by grabbing a Dixie 100mg Rootbeer from Cannaco! Reviewer Tip: Add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for a delicious THC infused Root beer float.

Best Beverages in Trinidad

“Delicious and refreshing. If you love rootbeer, you will love this!”

“Its even better as a float. This is my childhood just better.”

“100% going to take a bottle of this fishing next time!”

#4 – Dixie Synergy Heating Salve

When you live in Colorado, your body can take a beating from all of the outdoor activities. Whether you are nursing sore knees from skiing or feeling the calves after climbing 14,000 foot mountains, Cannaco has just the Dixie product to help you feel your best!

Dixie Synergy Heating Salve is a blend of 20+ essential oils, CBD and THC. Enjoy the soothing properties of cinnamon leaf, fennel, black pepper and ginger. Dixie Synergy Heating Salve is formulated with 1:1 CBD to THC for a balanced cannabinoid experience.

Best Topicals Trinidad

“My dad actually hit a tree skiing this winter. He loves this stuff!”

“This is my biggest gym secret. Put some of this on everynight.”

“Sitting all day makes my neck tight. This helps it relax!”

#3 – Dixie 100mg Dark Chocolate

Most everyone enjoys a good piece of dark chocolate, but how about a THC infused piece of dark chocolate? Dixie 100mg Dark Chocolate bars are the perfect way to relax and take the stress of the day down a notch.

Dixie 100mg Straight Up Dark Chocolate is made with 70% cacao for a premium chocolate experience. Our testers found it challenging to just eat one square (8mg), but none the less were very satisfied with the resulting high.

Best Edibles in Trinidad

“Dark and delicious. If you like Dark Chocolate, you’ll love this!”

“Felt it quickly in all the right ways. 10/10 love it!”

“I already love chocolate and THC. Best of both worlds.”

#2 – Dixie 100mg Sour Smash Gummies

Dixie has made a name for itself in the gummie market with bold flavors and delightful highs. Dixie 100mg Sour Smash Gummies are easily one of the best tasting THC edibles on the market. If you love sour candy, these are going to be a new favorite for you.

Dixie 100mg Sour Smash Gummies contain a medley of three delicious fruit flavors including, Sour Apple, Sour Cherry and Sour Berry Lemonade. These gummies are coated in a super sour mix, so be warned you might just pucker up a bit!

Our reviewers loved Dixie 100mg Sour Smash Gummies for their delicious flavor and long-lasting high. Again as always with delicious edibles, it can be challenging to just eat one, so be warned and plan accordingly.

Best Edibles in Trinidad

“Oh so sour and delicious. What an incredible high that was!”

“Tastes like summer and makes me forget its winter.”

“Loved every single part of the experience with these.”

#1 – Dixie Tropic Twist 100mg Gummies

When our testers first tried Dixie Tropic Twist 100mg Gummies, they were blown away by the delicious fruit flavor and quality. One reviewer exclaimed, “This tastes like I am eating a pineapple!”

Dixie Tropic Twist has become one of the best selling products at Cannaco, and its hardly a surprise. From the delicious fruity flavor to the long lasting calming high, Dixie Tropic Twist Gummies are one of the best edibles on the market.

Dixie Tropic Twist 100mg Gummies should 100% be on your radar this summer as the perfect way to spice up a day at the lake or on the river. As always when dealing with delicious edibles, be sure to limit your dosage and prepare for a longer lasting ride than smoking a joint.

Best Edibles in Trinidad Colorado

“Takes me to a white sand beach in the tropics!”

“Tropical and fruity , just the way I like it.”

“Tastes like summer days on Lake Trinidad.”

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