How to Purchase Marijuana in Colorado

If you are reading this article, it means that you have most likely never purchased marijuana in Colorado. This quick guide will help prepare you to make your first legal recreational marijuana purchase!

Purchasing cannabis from licensed recreational dispensaries benefits both you and the state of Colorado. The tax that you pay on recreational marijuana products in Colorado benefits the public school system and other vital social programs.

The people who work at dispensaries often called Budtenders are very friendly and passionate about cannabis. Feel free to ask them questions if you are unsure about how a product is used or will affect you.

Don’t Forget Your ID!

Make sure to bring a valid form of ID when you visit any recreational dispensary. Customers without a valid ID will not be allowed inside the dispensary. No exceptions!

Please note that online orders, still must present a valid form of ID to enter the dispensary and pick-up the order!

Example of a Valid ID

A Valid ID Must Include

  • Individual Name
  • Clear Photo
  • Current Address
  • Expiration Date (not expired)
  • Birthdate that indicates an age of 21 or older
  • In good condition (no cracks, chips, damage or inability to read essential information)
  • Security formatting associated with that particular form of identification (seal, watermark, logo, paper type, etc.)

Types of Valid ID

  • State Issues Driver’s License
  • Passport Book
  • Passport Card
  • Active Military valid ID (with picture and birthdate)
  • Colorado Native-American Tribe Card
  • Colorado Temporary Driver’s License paperwork with voided Driver’s License

Types of Invalid ID

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • International ID Cards
  • Non-Colorado Temporary Driver’s License Paperwork
  • Employment Authorized Card
  • Government Agency ID
  • Offender ID Card

Leave Firearms and Weapons at Home

Most dispensaries can seem daunting with lots of security, but just remember that all of the security at a dispensary is there to protect you and other other customers.

Please leave all Firearms and weapons at home. This includes anything that could slice, poke, prick or stab. If you have a question about what is permitted in the dispensary, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Bring Cash or an ATM Card

Cannaco Trinidad and Walsenburg have ATM machines available for your convenience. At this time, most dispensaries do not permit the use of Credit or Debit cards due to Federal regulations.

The ATM is located inside the dispenary and a valid ID must be presented to use it. No exceptions will be made.

Quantity Limits in Colorado

The state of Colorado has set limits on how much Cannabis you can purchase at any given time. If this system confuses you, one of our budtenders would be more than happy to explain it to you when you visit.

It is illegal to pass through a dispensary multiple times to purchase more than the recreational purchase limit. Please respect the recreational purchase limits and enjoy Colorado cannabis here in Colorado.

Recreational Purchase Limits

  • Edibles – 800mg = 1oz or 28g. This means that you can purchase 8 x 100mg edibles.
  • Flower – 1g = 1g. In Colorado you can purchase up to 1oz (28 grams) in a single transaction.
  • Concentrates Sold in mg – 8000mg = 1oz or 28. This means you can purchase 8 x 1 gram concentrates or 16.5 grams of concentrates as the max.
  • Concentrates – 1 gram units = 3.5 gram. This means you can purchase 8 x 1 gram units as the max.

Please Consume Responsibily

Recreational Marijuana products are not to be transported outside of the state in any way shape or form.

  • Shipping (Postal Service or USPS)
  • Crossing state lines in a vehicle or on foot
  • Flying to another state on an airplane

Please remember that Public consumption of Marijuana products in Colorado is illegal! This includes smoking, eating or vaping in any public spaces. These public spaces include;

  • Sidewalks.
  • Parks and amusement parks.
  • Ski resorts.
  • Concert venues.
  • Businesses.
  • Restaurants, cafes or bars.
  • Common areas of apartment buildings or condominiums.