The Top 5 THC Beverages

What’s your “go to” edible? Some might reach for cookies, others might search for some chocolate, unfortunately one edible that seems to get lost in the crowd is, the beverage. Here at Cannaco our budtenders love a refreshing cannabis infused beverage, for good reason. Effects show more quickly due to absorbing through the gums and last longer once the THC is absorbed through the liver.

From sweet tropical flavors, to loved soda drinks, this is a list of THC infused beverages we had our Cannaco ranking team review. Try and review Dixie Elixir and CannaPunch THC infused drinks from Trinidad and Walsenburg Cannaco dispensaries yourself and tell us what your favorite is!

#5 – CannaPunch Pineapple Mango Delight

All natural and vegan friendly, not to mention corn syrup free, soy-free, and gluten-free, CannaPunch Pineapple Mango Delight is a no brainer for the food conscience, cannabis lovers out there. This delightful tropical blend of pineapple and mango is a refreshing way to enjoy cannabis. A couple gulps of CannaPunch Pineapple Mango Delight should do the trick, as there is a potent 100mg of THC per bottle.

The ranking team said they experienced a nice mellow body high combined with an elevated mind set. Get ready to transport yourself to a tropical paradise with CannaPunch Pineapple Mango Delight.

Best THC Beverages - Cannapunch Pineapple Mango Delight

“A must have for movie nights! Goes great with Star Wars!”

“The high was quick to set in, and lasted a long time!”

“Very nice for a relaxing night with good friends.”

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#4 – Dixie Berry Lemonade Elixir

With 100 mg of THC in the full bottle, you’ll be able to savor the sweet berry punches Dixies lemonade elixir throws you. Only pure cane sugar will do for this sweet drink. Each Dixie Elixir will contain a dosing cap for easy self-dosing.

The reviews we received from our team seemed to favor this drink most for outside yard work and activities. Dixie’s Berry Lemonade Elixir really seemed to relax the team. Cool down with Dixies Berry Lemonade Elixir today!

The Best THC Beverages - Dixie Berry Lemonade Elixir

“Made cleaning the yard actually a good time!”

“A great way to cool down while tending to my garden!”

“Dose cap made it easy to get just the right amount of THC!”

#3 – CannaPunch Watermelon Nectar

The Watermelon Nectar blend from CannaPunch was made for hot summer days. Sit back and indulge with 100 mg of THC per bottle and enjoy a relaxing yet elevating high. This succulent watermelon blend will leave you thirsty for more.

Our ranking team seemed to enjoy this one for family gatherings and barbeques! Stock up on these for any family or friend plans this summer to help relax and refresh on hot days. Try CannaPunch’s Watermelon Nectar this summer.

The Best THC Beverages - CannaPunch Watermelon Nectar

“Sweet and succulent. If you like watermelon, you’ll love this!”

“This drink was a smash at my last BBQ.”

“Cleaning the garage never felt so rewarding.”

#2 – CannaPunch Blue Raspberry Sour

Similar to the ice pops from our childhood, this CannaPunch blend is not shy when it comes to powerful flavors. Undeniable hits of tart lemon with sweet undertones of blue raspberry, this drink will undoubtably keep you sipping for more.

CannaPunch gives an uplifting, yet peaceful body high that will leave you with euphoric effects at 100 mg per bottle.

Cannaco’s team ranked CannaPunch Blue Raspberry Sour, 2nd on this list for the strong flavors and nostalgia it brought back to their adult lives. Quench your thirst with CannaPunchs Blue Raspberry Sour.

The Best THC Beverages - CannaPunch Blue Raspberry Sour

“Brought me back to running in sprinklers as a kid.”

“Perfect for a bon fire with friends and family.”

“Kicked in quickly, with an unbeatable flavor!”

Honorable Mention – Stillwater Ripple 100 mg

From your favorite juice, to your favorite soup, this product can make it a THC edible! Stillwater Ripple may not be a beverage but making any beverage a THC drink, gets an honorable mention from us!

Make your favorite food or drinks into a THC delight by adding this THC pouch to any recipe! Don’t just take our word for it, read what our ranking team had to say about Ripple’s Stillwater!

The best THC Beverages - Dixie Root Beer

“Adding it to my protein shake, helps me focus.”

“Makes at home edible baking a lot more convenient!”

“These pouches can make anything an edible.”

#1 – Dixie Root Beer Elixir

This cannabis packed Root Beer will surely have you relaxed and satisfied. The classic Root Beer flavor everyone enjoys made with real cane sugar, alongside 100 mg of THC, this Root Beer is certainly more than just your childhood soda. Giving off a light body high that lifts spirits, Dixies Root Beer Elixir can’t disappoint.

The ranking team made Dixie Root Beer Elixir 100 mg number one and their favorite from this list. Dixie’s Root Beer Elixir was the one that stood out from the crowd letting our team indulge in ice cream floats, allowing for an easy time with friends and just over all enjoying the effects from this favored THC infused drink.

The best THC Beverages - Dixie Root Beer

“Making THC root beer floats was a blast with my friends!”

“Parties aren’t complete without this root beer.”

” This THC infused root beer just had to be my favorite!”