Durban Poison (Sativa)

Looking for Durban Poison (Sativa) in Trinidad or Walsenburg, Colorado? Cannaco recreational dispensaries frequently stock Durban Poison at both Trinidad and Walsenburg locations. Cannaco recreational dispensaries typically carry 25+ strains of flower. You will frequently find world famous strains on our bud shelf that include, Blue Dream, Green Crack, Golden Goat, Maui Wowie, GMO, MAC, and Chem de la Chem.

Durban Poison is a sativa strain that provides a heavy hitting head high that inspires creativity and energy. Durban Poison typically tests at 18-24% THC and 0.5-2% CBD. Durban Poison has a sweet and spicy flavor reminscent of a Rocky Mountain pine forrest. Durban Poison is considered an excellent choice for both seasoned and veteran cannabis users.

Be sure to checkout the online menus for Cannaco Trinidad and Cannaco Walsenburg for current strain availability. Feel free to call Cannaco Trinidad or Cannaco Walsenburg to check which strains are available.

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Yes, Durban Poison will get you high. Consuming Durban Poison or any cannabis product containing THC will most likely get you “high”. Durban Poison is a sativa dominant strain that has become world-famous for it’s highly enjoyable effects. Durban Poison is a descendant of African strains. On average Golden Goat flower tests between 18-24% THC.

Durban Poison can be consumed by smoking/vaporizing the raw flower. Durban Poison can also be found in concentrates, cartridges, edibles and other strain specific cannabis products.

Durban Poison is often considered to be the coffee of the Cannabis world. If you are looking for a major energy boost in your day, Durban Poison may very well be the strain for you. If you are a fan of sativa strains, Durban Poison should be on your must try list!

Durban Poison has a sweet and spicy smell brought about by a high concentration of the terpene Terpinolene.

Durban Poison is considered to be on the cornerstone strains of the Cannabis world. As pure sativa strains can be challenging to come by, Durban Poison is one of the most sought after strains.

Durban Poison is considered to be one of the most energizing strains available. Consuming Durban Poison is often reckoned to being like drinking a cup of coffee, and thusly is not recommened for bed-time or late night use.

Cannabis strains all can have different effects on people and are by no means a guarantee. Durban Poison for some folks can be a great pre-bed smoke and for others is best enjoyed during the daytime.

Cannaco actively seeks out Durban Poison from our suppliers whenever possible. Please check our online menu to see if Durban Poison is currently in-stock at Cannaco Trinidad or Walsenburg.

Depending on the quality and supply of Durban Poison Flower, the price for a gram can change quite frequently. If you visit Cannaco during the Early Bird Special or 420 Happy Hour you can get a gram of Durban Poison for $10 regardless of what tier it is on!

Durban Poision Sativa flower in Trinidad and Walsenburg Colorado.
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