7 Must Try Sativa Strains

Sativa strains are very much the spirit of summer in Colorado. Whether you live in Trinidad, Walsenburg or elsewhere in Colorado, you need to seek out a gram of these strains this summer. The high these strains provide should be on all cannabis enthusiasts must try list!

If you live in Southern Colorado, make sure to check Cannaco Trinidad and Walsenburg’s online menu to see if these strains are in-stock. All of these Sativa strains fly-off the shelf at Cannaco during the summer months. Cannaco carries 25+ strains of flower at any time so be sure to check our online menus for strain availability!

#7 – Sour Diesel (26% THC)

Sour Diesel – Known for an oddly consistent 90:10 Sativa ratio this strong little seed is either a cross between Mass Super Skunk x 91 Chemdog or Mexican Sativa x Chemdog (phenotype), there is still a debate about Sour Diesel’s origins.

A thought provoking, cerebral, talkative, head high with minimal physical effects awaits consumers of Sour Diesel. Tasting of bright bitter lemon and leaving behind a fresh damp earth and fennel scent. Sour Diesel tests at 20-26% THC. Sour Diesel is a potent strain and is recommended for experienced consumers. Find Sour Diesel frquently in-stock at both CannacoTrinidad and Walsenburg.

Sour Diesel Trinidad

#6 – Strawberry Cough (26% THC)

Holding true to its name this native Boulder, Colorado candy sweet strawberry scented and tasting trichrome dense pink haired bud is an 80:20 sativa ratio.

Averaging 22-26% THC Strawberry Cough is a great selection for those seeking an intensely hype mood, curiously light thoughts, and energetic physical properties. A great pairing for experienced consumers during a social daytime activity.

strawberry cough in Trinidad Colorado

The quick heady buzz of Green Crack is said to help power through daytime activities and increase energy, fight fatigue, stress, and boost the mood.

With powerful hints of tangy fruit like mango and lemon this sativa is born of Stunk #1 x Indica (most likely Afghani) and typically ranges from 15-25% THC. Another perfect fit for first-time and seasoned consumers.

Green Crack in Trinidad Colorado

#4 – Super Lemon Haze (25% THC)

This award-winning strain Super Lemon Haze is an Washington State original that thrived even better in the arid climate of southern Colorado. Super Lemon Haze is the descendant of Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze this sativa is another 80:20 ratio and ranges from 18-25% THC.

Initial hitting with the aroma of pepper and black tea and finishes with a creamy lemon taste upon exhalation. Fast acting, mood boosting, peppy head high will have any consumer feeling care-free in no time.

Originating out of Topeka, Kansas out of pure organic fate by the cross pollinating of a male Hawaiian x Romulan and a female Island Sweet Skunk plant.

Ranging from 16-23% THC Golden Goat has an initial skunky smell with a sweet punch-like aftertaste. Providing a gradual euphoric, body buzzing, bubbly sativa high. Find Golden Goat Frequently in-stock at Cannaco Trinidad and Walsenburg.

Golden Goat - 23% THC

#2 – Durban Poison ( 24% THC)

A heavy hitting happy head high great for creativity and daytime errands. Known for a functional yet relaxing body high and mood boosting properties Durban Poison ranges from 18-24% THC.

Tasting sweet and spicy herbs with a damp earth, fresh pine aroma this sativa is a great choice for both fresh tourists and local veteran consumers.

Durban Poison - 24% THC

#1 – Blue Dream (24% THC)

Euphoric, creative, and fruity Northern Californian developed, and Colorado enhanced is considered to be the Gold Standard by which all other strains (sativas, indicas, and hybrids included) are measured.

A ludic, calm, sativa dominate cross between Blueberry and Haze, measuring in at 19-27% THC potency. Blue Dream is a great option for consumers of all experiences.

Blue Dream - 24% THC