7 Must Try Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains in Trinidad and Walsenburg have become tremendously popular with both locals and visitors alike. Hybrid strains provide the best of Indica and Sativa flower. Many customers have found that Hybrid strains bring about the relaxation of Indica well still preserving the uplifting euphoria associated with Sativa strains. Cannaco’s team of Expert Budtenders are back at it again with 7 Must Try Hybrid Strains!

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#7 – Killer Queen (16% THC)

Oddly hailing from Lincoln City, Oregon (not the expected location London, given the strains’ namesake) but developed in British Colombia this is an easy-going head high with a peppy mood booster at 16% THC and a balanced 50:50 ratio. Bright tropical flavors and delicate hints of vanilla this triangular shaped bud is sugared with frosty trichomes.

Killer Queen is the descendant of two famous mother strains Cinderella 99 x G-13, this combo hits most consumers right between the eyes. Enjoy Killer Queen all day, from breakfast to your evening routine.

Killer Queen Trinidad

#6 – White Widow (25% THC)

Getting its name from its physical appearance; A glowing green, dark leafed, red haired, cylindrical shaped flower looks as if a spider has spun an intricately dense glittering web around every bit of the bud. With a 60:40 sativa to indica ratio and a range of 18-25% THC White Widow has an aroma of spiced citrus followed by a sharp lemon after taste. This opaque smoke starts out sweet but rushes straight to the head and is known to lead to heavy coughing.

Given its lineage is Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica this makes sense and is not recommended for novice consumption. Pairs perfectly with a day-time hike or an evening study session.

White Widow Trinidad Colorado

A Garden City, Colorado original this 55:45 indica to sativa ratio with an intensely sour and spicy taste that leaves behind a woody fresh lemon aroma. There is a bit of a mystery involving an urban legend surrounding this strains’ origins entailing a Grateful Dead concert where a grower named “Chemdog” had a pocket full of seed; the rest is history.

A building block for Sour Diesel and averaging 19% THC this hybrid is said to cultivate a clear creative cerebral head high after a few tokes that eventually melts into a couch locking bedtime body high. A great choice for smokers of all levels.

ChemDawg Trinidad

#4 – 303 OG (25% THC)

Another Garden City, Colorado baby born of parent plants Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Chemdawg. With a 50:50 ratio and a rage of 18-26% THC this olive green, iridescently frosted, spade shaped nug is known for its gentle slide into euphoria that melts off into a mellow but functional body high. 303 OG has a distinct aroma of earthy diesel and tastes like a dark roasted spicy cup of coffee.

A balanced high that initially hits with a wave of the “warm-fuzzies” to the chest while soft tingles run down your extremities. A perfectly smokable all day strain for all consumers.

303 OG Trinidad

#3 – Citral Flo (27% THC)

Perfectly balanced at a 50:50 ratio with royal purple hues weaved into a sage green jumbo size flower bursting with curly cotton candy hairs and amethyst-gem like trichomes. Originating out of Durant Oklahoma by the backcrossing of Sour Flo x Citral Skunk resulting in a robust and lush plant with a funky cheese aroma that’s backed by hints of sweet citrus and fresh tarragon.

Making for a desirable yet skunky flower, averaging 27% THC Citral Flo is known for it’s a fast-hitting blissful buzz that’s starts with an amplified cerebral energy that relaxes into a sleepy body high.

Citral Flo Trinidad

#2 – Girl Scout Cookies ( 31% THC)

Numerous Cannabis Cup wins and the matriarch strain of the Cookie Family hailing from Anaheim, California GSC is the standard of comparison for all other strains in the hybrid category. With other royals for parent plants OG Kush x Durban Poison this 60:40 indica to sativa ratio is a heavyweight in the THC department averaging 25-31% (not recommended for novice use).

Due to its long flowering cycle this indoor specific strain tastes and smells just like you would expect; a crisp green mint aroma followed by a rich dark cacao and black cherry flavors upon the exhale.

Girl Scout Cookies Trinidad

#1 – Bruce Banner #3 (30% THC)

Cultivated in the tiny town of De Beque, Colorado named by High Times Magazine as one of “Earth’s Strongest Strains,” this big hitter averages a whopping 30% THC and 60:40 sativa to indica ratio.

A mint green bud with lavender undertones, wild copper hairs, and a thick blanket of amber trichomes. Giving off a strong fruity ginger and sweet diesel aroma leaving behind a spiced dark berry flavor even after toking. Leaning towards more of a sativa Bruce Banner #3 still belongs to the Kush family by relation of two mother plants Strawberry Diesel x OG Kush.

Making this hybrid a worthy opponent for most veteran consumers with its warming tingle behind the eyes and a rush of euphoria. Perfect for wrapping up the weekend or kicking back after work.

Bruce Banner Trinidad