10 Cannabis Gifts for Her

Looking for a great gift for the special lady in your life? CannaCo has put together a gift guide that features 10 of Colorado’s finest marijuana products. Break away from the traditional flowers and give her a high-quality ounce of Colorado’s best flower.

This gift guide features only a fraction of CannaCo’s extensive product selection. Whether you are looking for flower, edibles, cartridges, concentrates or topicals, CannaCo can help you find a great product.

Please note that this gift guide was created independently by CannaCo’s staff without financial incentive from the represented companies. If you are looking for a great cannabis gift for her scroll down to read on!

Love’s Oven 100mg Turtle Brownies

Love’s Oven Turtle Brownies each contain 10mg of THC with 10 pieces per bag. These sweet treats are soft, moist, and deliver a satisfying crunch from all the pecans. Layered with ooey-gooey soft succulent caramel, these brownies are a go to for any type of gift giving.

Love’s Oven 100mg Turtle Brownies are baked with the highest quality all-natural ingredients. Nothing says “I appreciate you!” more than a bag of delectable Turtle Brownies.

Love’s Oven products are currently only available at Cannaco’s Trinidad location. Please check online menus for current availability!

Best Cannabis Gifts for Her - Love's Oven 100mg Turtle Brownies

Incredible’s 100mg Boulder Bar

Milk chocolate with a toffee crunch, alongside 100mg of THC, Incredibles Boulder Bar is a great replacement for the old, tired day to day chocolate bar. Receive a surprise on any special day with Incredibles Boulder Bar. With 10mg of THC in each square, the temptation to eat the whole bar will be hard to resist.

Do something creative to make this gift memorable! Start a bon fire and toast some marshmallows with this chocolate bar for a THC smore. Warm the chocolate bar up, cut up some fruit and make a little THC infused fondue.

Incredible’s 100mg Boulder Bars are typical $16.00 at Cannaco Dispensaries, but feel free to check our online menus for the most up-to-date pricing and availability. Boulder Bars are regularly on the menus at both Trinidad and Walsenburg locations.

Ripple Relief 20:1 Dissolvable Powder

For an easy way to get some relief from stress and tension, try Ripple Relief 20:1 dissolvable powders. Each pouch of Ripple contains 10mg CBD, and 0.5 mg THC. With CBD being the dominant cannabinoid these are a perfect gift for anyone looking to relax and rejuvenate.

Use Ripple Stillwater pouches to turn anything into an edible any time! Ripple Stillwater can be added to nearly all beverage and foods. Ripple 20:1 is typically $22.00 at CannaCo’s Trinidad and Walsenburg dispensaries. Feel free to check our online menus for the most up to date pricing and selection.

Best Cannabis Gifts for Her - Ripple Relief 20:1 Dissolable Powder.

Dixie Brands 100mg Synergy Watermelon Drops

In Dixie Brands 100mg Synergy Watermelon Drops, CBD and THC work together to perform to their best ability in this two for one product. With these cannabinoids working together consumers report a focused, calming and energizing high. Perfect for arts & crafts , hiking and outdoor activities!

Dixie Dew Drops come in a variety of flavors, although the watermelon drops never disappoint. Dixie Dew Drops are typically $24 at Cannaco Trinidad and Walsenburg. Feel free to check out CannaCo’s Walsenburg and Trinidads online menus to see current availability of Dixie Products.

Best Cannabis Gifts for Her - Dixie Brands 100mg Synergy Drops

Escape Artist 300mg 1:1
Menthol Cream

Escape Artist 300ng 1:1 Menthol Relief Cream is infused with a potent blend of CBD and THC. This infused topical is blended with menthol for a cooling and relaxing experience. Escape Artist 300mg 1:1 Menthol Relief Cream is perfect for a nice massage or self-application after strenuous activities.

You can check the availability of Escape Artists 300mg 1:1 Menthol Relief cream by visiting our online menus for either Walsenburg or Trinidad!

Best Cannabis Gifts for Her - Escape Artist 300mg 1:1 Menthol Relief Cream

Cannagea 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Butter

At Cannagea they put their hearts and souls into their products. This 1,000 mg butter is well thought out, and highly concentrated, testing at about 20mg/gram. Cannagea 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD butter has a unique formulation which includes an absorption agent. This agent helps cannabinoids pass through the first layer of the skin making this butter more efficient at deriving CBD to the body.

A little goes a long way with this butter, and it’s a must for massages on those hard days. With a combination of shea butter, bees wax and coconut oil this butter makes for a hydrating topical experience. She will love how moisturizing and replenishing it makes her skin feel.

Cannagea’s highly concentrated 1000mg butter is just $67.00 at CannaCo’s Trinidad and Walsenburg dispensaries menus and well worth the money!

Cannagea 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Butter

Nordic Goddess 1:1 250mg THC & CBD Balm

Nordic Goddess is a well sought-after THC cream, for good reason. With a thought-out combination of herbs and plant extracts, this 250mg THC and CBD cream could help ease those tired tense muscles everyone seems to suffer from.

Use day to day and or keep handy for a deep therapeutic muscle massage on those hard days. You can check the current pricing and availability of Nordic Goddess 1:1 250mg THC & CBD Balm by visiting our online menus for Walsenburg or Trinidad

1000mg Willie’s Reserve Distillate Cartridge

For those high tolerance women out there, Willie’s Reserve Cartridges are definitely for you! Come on over to CannaCo’s online store and see what strains are in stock!

Do you prefer hybrid, or does she prefer indica? Either way picking from Willie’s Reserve is a no brainer. Hard hitting with the high everyone strives for on a Friday night, this is a gift that keeps giving.

Willie’s Reserve 1000mg cartridges typically cost around $65+tax and are available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid varieties. Please note that the strains on these cartridges change frequently. If searching for a specific strain please feel free to contact our stores directly via email or phone.

Willie's Reserve products available at Cannaco Trinidad

Wana 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

When our team of testers sorted out which Wana edible reined supreme in their opinion, the 1:1 gummies saw very positive reviews. It is hardly a surprise to see Wana 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Gummies on this list of gift ideas.

Wana 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Gummies are delicious and provide a well balanced stress-free high. Perfect for a girls night or a scenic hike in the Rockies! You can find Wana 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Gummies frequently in-stock at Cannaco Trinidad and Walsenburg for $26 +tax.

Best Cannabis Gifts for Her - Wana 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

Abbie’s Road Indica/Hybrid

No Cannabis related product list is complete without some actual flower in it. For those mellow Melany’s out there, this high testing indica dominant strain testing as high as 29% at times, and is sure satisfy. Abbie’s Road strain has hints of citrus, a base scent of pine and a hard-hitting pungent diesel aroma, sure to make your nose tingle.

Visit CannaCo’s Trinidad and Walsenburg dispensary online menus to check if Abbie’s Road is currently in-stock. Abbie’s Road typically costs $15 per gram and up to $235 for an ounce. This cannabis strain is perfect for treating her to a good and relaxing time.

Best Cannabis Gifts for Her - Abbies Road

Drop the Diamonds and Pick up a Joint!

Shopping for women can get repetitive with the same old flowers and chocolate routine, get creative and think outside of the normal gift box. If she’s a cannabis lover, you can’t disappoint with one of these thoughtful 420 friendly gifts!

Gift her the element of surprise and recreation, by putting together a 420-gift basket, or treat her to a picnic with THC infused sweets. Whatever your plans may be, let CannaCo’s gift guide help you bring the excitement back into gift giving, and receiving!

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